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NEWSFLASH! Abraham Rosa Sells in Another Location!

w9b1lSNOnYhnmhkg-_SmjzsTYGya8Dmitbc3tTgbfHsWe are happy to announce that Abraham Rosa Seasonings can now be purchased in Deland Bakery located at:
933 N. Woodland Blvd.
Deland, FL.
Also, ARS has developed a blend of spices that will enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes without the sodium content for those with sodium restricted diet. These no-salt seasoning bags are sold in single 1oz. bags, for $3.00.
Purchase some here, at .




No-Salt Seasoning

kignFQCmDzVpsgleVmxFEYH9KPFFkRst_Ba4rWh4hm0Do you like the taste of Abraham Rosa, but you feel the salt is a bit too much? We here at Abraham Rosa Seasonings have answered that concern, with our single-ounce bags of no-salt seasoning! Introduce the delicious and traditional adobo taste into your cooking without having to worry too much about sodium count. The flavor may vary from our conventional seasoning made with rock-salt, but we still strongly recommend that you use it by the PINCH.
Experience the taste for yourself, and try it NOW in our on-site store.

Soft Launch

soft launchOn July 29th, 2013, Abraham Rosa Seasonings had a product soft launch at the Second Year Anniversary event of the UCF Business Incubator Program. The incubator is located at 601 Innovation Way, Daytona Beach, Florida.

Many community guests, family, friends, and colleagues attended this event. The new branding “Abraham Rosa Seasonings, Inc.,” was introduced. Everyone’s taste buds were enticed by the wonderful flavors of Abraham Rosa Seasonings, “All Purpose Rub.” Chef Martin, Axel Rosa, Ana Randolph, and Lorena Oikle, shared some secrets on how to use the seasoning on salads, bread dip, bloody mary, and meats like chicken, beef, pork, and seafood.