Our History

Abraham and daughterThe Heart of Abraham Rosa Seasoning!

Abraham Rosa Seasonings’ history started with Abraham Rosa. In 1921 Abraham Rosa was born in the small town of Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. In 1986, at the urging of his daughter, Ana Isabel, he started “Adobo Abraham”, a seasoning made from a family recipe of all-natural ingredients. He began selling the seasoning at his cafeteria and everyone loved it.

Ana Isabel, Abraham’s youngest daughter, encouraged him to begin selling his special seasoning commercially. Abraham converts half of his cafeteria into a manufacturing site for his seasoning which he named after himself, Adobo Abraham.

Adobo Abraham was a success. Sadly Abraham Rosa unexpectedly passed away in 1990 on a fishing trip due to a bad storm. All businesses related to Abraham Rosa was stopped.


AnnaR_wProductOne day Abraham Rosa’s daughter Ana Isabel Rosa Randolph was talking to Connie Bernal, the business incubator’s Daytona Beach Site manager, she said “I want to finish what my dad started, to flavor the world.”

The Journey Continues!

Today Ana Isabel Randolf is the proud founder of the newly launched Abraham Rosa Seasonings, Inc. She is committed to producing the highest quality seasoning products. Ana is also a Registered Dietitian and understands the importance of incorporating healthy fresh cooking into your everyday diet. That is why she insists that Abraham Rosa Seasonings be made from only the freshest of ingredients with no artificial flavors, no MSG, no fillers, no additives, no sugars and Gluten Free.  Ana has explanded on the original family blend of all-purpose seasoning to include a No Salt blend to provide a healthy alternative for people with sodium restricted diets and a Spicy blend for those who enjoy a little extra kick of flavor.

Ana Rosa-Randolph with children, Ana Christina and Axel

The Legacy Lives On!

In 2012, Abraham Rosa’s daughter Ana Rosa Randolph, her son Axel and daughter Ana Christina joined forces with the University of Central Florida Business Incubator program to re-launch Mr. Rosa’s seasoning under the brand Abraham Rosa Seasonings.

Abraham Rosa’s legacy lives on through his daughter and grandchildren.

… and that’s how we do it!



  • 1956-abraham-rosa1956

    Abraham Rosa and wife Ines Morales save enough money to purchase a cafeteria in Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico.

  • 19601960

    Abraham sells his special seasoning in brown bags to customers and other businesses.

  • 1970-abraham-rosa1970

    Abraham continues to build his business.

  • 1980-abraham-rosa1980

    Ana Isabel, Abraham’s youngest daughter encourages him to commercially sell his special seasoning. Abraham converts half of his cafeteria into a manufacturing site for his seasoning which he named the seasoning after himself, “Adobo Abraham.

  • branding1986

    With branding and labeling completed, the product debuts. The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce features Abraham Rosa in the January/February issue of their magazine titled Industrializicion de Adobo Boricua (Industrialization of New Native Seasoning) called Adobo Abraham.

  • 1987-abraham-rosa1987

    Adobo Abraham begins to sell in local grocery stores and at Abraham’s cafeteria.

  • 1990-abraham-rosa-letter1990s

    1990 – March Abraham sent a letter to daughter Ana Isabel to treat her entire family to a Puerto Rico to go fishing trip.   1990 – April Abraham Rosa goes fishing, his second love. He never returned from that trip. The sea had claimed him. Commercial production of Adobo Abraham comes to a halt.   1990-2012 Ana Rosa Randolph makes Abraham Rosa's special seasoning for family and friends who continue to special requests for more of the all purpose seasoning.

  • 2012-abraham-rosa2012

    Daughter Ana Rosa Randolph, grandson Axel Rosa and granddaughter Ana Cristina Randolph enroll in the entrepreneurship course at the University of Central Florida. August 2012. We were accepted at the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program to rebrand and relaunch the original recipe of Abraham Rosa

  • 2013-abraham-rosa-soft-launch22013

    July 30, 2013 Abraham Rosa Seasonings celebrated it's soft launch at the second anniversary of the UCF Business Incubator at Daytona Beach International Airport. 2013-2014 The eCommerce website, was designed to handles online sales.  Specialty retail partners are added to expand distribution.  These select retailers are able to offer Arbraham Rosa Gourmet Seasonings to their clients.