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Recipe for Success cuts many ways!

cooking-contestAbraham Rosa Seasonings hosts a recipe contest as part of their official launch with the Central Florida Business Incubator at Daytona Beach International Airport. Serial Entrepreneur, Registered Dietician and CEO Ana Rosa-Randolph wanted to launch the company wanted to launch her company while challenging the hospitality students at Bethune-Cookam University.

“We wanted to launch our product at a recipe contest featuring students so they could use their creativity and innovative minds to show how our product can be used in different ways,” said Rosa-Randolph.

The original seasoning recipe was handed down from Ana’s late  father, Abraham Rosa, who ran a restaurant in Puerto Rico for many years.

“He taught me about entrepreneurship and the value of innovation. What better way to celebrate his than to have this contest” says Ana.

Abraham Rosa Seasonings is one of many start-up businesses located at the Central Florida Business Incubator and was recently featured in the Daytona Beach News Journal. We invite you to read to full story.

Abraham Rosa: With Your Beans and Rice

kignFQCmDzVpsgleVmxFEYH9KPFFkRst_Ba4rWh4hm0Try an entree of beans and rice, the Abraham Rosa Seasonings way! With just a pinch or two of our all-purpose, all-natural seasoning into the stocks for your rice and beans, you’ll be adding a delicious dimension of flavor that will enhance your food. The garlic and spice, combined with all-natural, healthier rock-salt produce a strong and amazing addition to the smooth taste of the beans.

Abraham Rosa Seasoning is a wild and potent food seasoning, that can imbue your foods with amazing taste. It is a familial and traditional recipe, that has been passed down from Abraham Rosa himself, to turn any bland or filling food into something that was especially delicious. He was inspired to use it for so much more than just soul-food, and invited others to partake in his inspirations. Now, in his legacy, we at Abraham Rosa Seasonings bring this tradition and inspiration to you, so that you may awaken the taste of the seasoning, just as he did.

Awaken your inner gourmet passion, with Abraham Rosa Seasonings!

Abraham Rosa: In Your Dip

h00Wg3Sb39vi5Nv6_Ow_XUjIoyoxWH16hmq7H8z6rm8Make a spiced-up dipping sauce, with Abraham Rosa Seasonings! With just ketchup, mayonnaise, and a dash or two of our all-purpose, all-natural seasoning, you can mix up a dip for plantain chips, or a drizzle for your shrimp seafood, or even a delicious salad dressing for your leafy greens.

Abraham Rosa provides any food with a new dimension of taste, with just a pinch added in. Buy some NOW, and see the results for yourself!