Abraham Rosa: With Your Beans and Rice

kignFQCmDzVpsgleVmxFEYH9KPFFkRst_Ba4rWh4hm0Try an entree of beans and rice, the Abraham Rosa Seasonings way! With just a pinch or two of our all-purpose, all-natural seasoning into the stocks for your rice and beans, you’ll be adding a delicious dimension of flavor that will enhance your food. The garlic and spice, combined with all-natural, healthier rock-salt produce a strong and amazing addition to the smooth taste of the beans.

Abraham Rosa Seasoning is a wild and potent food seasoning, that can imbue your foods with amazing taste. It is a familial and traditional recipe, that has been passed down from Abraham Rosa himself, to turn any bland or filling food into something that was especially delicious. He was inspired to use it for so much more than just soul-food, and invited others to partake in his inspirations. Now, in his legacy, we at Abraham Rosa Seasonings bring this tradition and inspiration to you, so that you may awaken the taste of the seasoning, just as he did.

Awaken your inner gourmet passion, with Abraham Rosa Seasonings!

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